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Sulfuric acid MSDS, understanding the facts about it

August 11th, 2013

sulfuric msdsMaterial Safety Data Sheet (sulfuric acid MSDS) is a document containing information about a particular substance or material. It is highly important document for safety and emergency personals as it provides the required safety measurements and handling instructions. Safety Data Sheet usually contains information about all the physical and chemical properties like chemical formula, melting point, boiling point, color, odor, taste, etc.

Sulfuric acid; as you might know is a corrosive, toxic and a strong mineral acid. In case of direct contact it can cause severe damage to skin and tissues. Sulfuric acid msds is a necessary document, which provides all the required information for safe and secure handling of sulfuric acid.

State: Liquid
Chemical Formula: H2SO4
Color: Colorless
Odor: Odorless
Boiling Point: 337 deg. Cel.
Melting Point: 10 deg. Cel.
Molecular Weight: 98.08 g/mol
pH: Acidic
Solubility: Easy Soluble in water (cold)

One of the most important uses of sulfuric acid msds is in providing and indicating potential health hazards and first aid information. Sulfuric acid can cause burn and irritation when contacted with skin. If this acid comes in contact with eyes it can cause redness, irritation and results in watery eyes and can do permanent damage. Do not breathe or inhale fumes or vapor. Inhalation can cause coughing, choking. Prolong exposure to this substance is harmful for organs like, lung, heart, kidneys and for cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Overexposure can be fatal in most of the cases.

First aid measures to take in case of emergency with sulfuric acid MSDS:

When it is on skin, wash the affected skin part with plenty of cold water and disinfectant soap for a good amount of time. Apply ointments or moisturizer and take immediate medical attention.

In case of eye contact, wash eyes with cold water for at least 10-15 minutes. Adequate washing will ease the burning. Remove contact lens if there is any.

In case of inhalation, take the affected person to fresh air, loosen tight clothing such as belts, ties, etc. If needed, give artificial respiration and oxygen support. Person giving mouth to mouth resuscitation has to be very careful because of the toxic levels of the substance.

Sulfuric acid msds also provides vital information about safety, stability, accidental measures, storage, toxicological and ecological information. Sulfuric acid is widely used in industries like iron, steel and automobile industry.

msds acidSulfuric acid msds is a way to literate the staff about this hazardous chemical. Anyone handling this chemical should be well-aware of its stability and handling and uses. Though sulfuric acid is fairly stable it can react dangerously when used with incompatible substances like oxidizing agents, water, alcohol, etc. Exposure to water, moist air and metals can make this chemical react and get unstable. Storage has to be done in well ventilated and dry place. Ideal temperature to store sulfuric acid is below 23 deg. cel. While handling sulfuric acid on large-scale one should always wear protective gear and clothing like, boots, splash goggles, gloves, full suits and face shield, etc.

Sulfuric acid msds also suggests the ways of transporting and disposing sulfuric acid with information about its ecological and regulatory effects.